Reinventing the Future

Customised carbon and sustainability solutions for cities, communities and commerce.

Established in 2007, Kinesis provides pragmatic and evidence based solutions to the climate problem. Working locally, nationally and internationally, we are a small and agile firm that can leverage enormous capacity. Our approach, combined with our world class expertise, ensures our clients have access to outstanding advice, analysis, tools and services for achieving measurable, verifiable and reportable outcomes.

At Kinesis we aim to make the complex simple. We follow 3 core fundamentals in the delivery of work: rigorous analysis; innovative delivery; and rich visualisation of results. It is on this basis that our clients receive the benefits of rapid and ongoing knowledge transfer, enabling timely and informed decision making.

What We Offer

All Kinesis clients have access to our world class tools and methodologies and are supported every step of the way to establish, implement and track their goals.

Our CCAP Suite of tools provides city wide, precinct and enterprise level sustainability modelling for land use and development projects along with fine grained carbon and sustainability reporting, target setting and predictive modelling functionalities.

The Kinesis team specialises in policy development and evaluation for federal, state and local government. We perform cost of abatement and economic analysis and are working on smart finance solutions for clients to implement change.

Our Approach

We believe in delivering lasting solutions.

Our experience of working at city wide and local scales for various levels of government, in combination with the work we undertake for ASX listed companies and business, has reinforced our belief that for sustainability to move from a concept to action, a business case must be delivered that makes the complex simple.

We back this up with commitment, enthusiasm, a problem solving attitude and a diversity of expertise to help you understand what will work and what will not.

One last thing, the Consultants you meet are the Consultants who do the work.